His Undivided Attention

I remember a few years back when I was on the street advertising some promotional packages for my social media company. I somehow managed to meet a very wealthy owner of multiple stores who was very interested in hearing about the options. So he invited me to a meeting and we began discussing demographics and so on.

His phone was ringing incessantly with calls from his wife and other associates but he would express the need to not be disturbed as he was in a meeting. This was also the same thing he said to his staff who also had seemingly pertinent issues that required his attention. His undivided attention boosted my confidence and I was determined to land an agreement.

I remembered leaving the meeting with mixed emotions. He said that his staff would contact me regarding the option that he would be choosing. This had me feeling a little disappointed but then my I felt happy from the level of undivided attention that made a random meeting have an aura of being an official one.

A life changing conversation ensued thereafter, between God and myself. He expressed concern over my feeling happy from being given the time of day by someone seemingly very important. He asked me plainly, “How is it that you don’t feel the same level of pride and confidence when talking to Me? Philip, if anything shouldn’t you should feel more honored and in awe when speaking to Me? This man is not even a Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. I understand your feeling some happiness when someone gives you their undivided attention, but don’t I give you that all the time?”

I was floored!😔

I have never been the same since. I now write all this to encourage that one person who takes the time to read these devotionals to not make the same mistake as me. Self-examination is therefore, now necessary.

Many people today would go crazy if a person like a Drake, Nicki Minaj or some other celebrity were to follow them on IG, like their comment, respond to a comment or message etc. Yet, we have the God of all human life, of all creatures, of all gods, of all universes; but we have little to no excitement at all when we enter into His presence. That realization is everything and calls for us to make a change as I had to.

And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief. Matthew 9:24

Prayer for Today:
LORD JESUS, I believe in You but help me to overcome unbelief in every area of my life. Remove my heart of stone and give my heart of flesh, that will be broken before You; that will be honored and in awe of Your presence and majesty. It is Your undivided attention that is more precious than anything else that we could ever want or imagine. I repent, dear LORD, where I have found more joy in the created over You, the Creator. Forgive my unbelief and grant me grace to never commit this error again. I receive Your forgiveness and grace even now, in Jesus’ Name. AMEN!!!