Pray, Pray, Pray

The difference between me winning and losing this fight of faith, depends on my prayer life from day-to-day.

From the Sun’s rising, the Risen Son I’ll seek, asking for grace where I’m weak – bowed knees, humble pleas; Lord please keep me very meek.

I slay my flesh today, I silence my sinful nature. Yet not I that live but Christ within, I am a new creation.

I silence lust of the eyes and flesh, pride of life I render powerless; in Jesus name I put on the whole armor and the robes of His righteousness.

The garments of praise I have, with Your glory as my rear guard, thoughts brought under Your captivity, with Your presence as my reward.

I am seated with You in heavenly places as I launch into this warfare, angels armed at attention, awaiting the Word of God in their ear.

In Jesus’ Name, I bind every demonic force over my life and my family, and I rebuke every principality. Lord, let Your consuming fire destroyed every counter strategy.

Send confusion within their camps, in Jesus Name I demolish every stronghold, I loodr the bands of wickedness and cut off the devil’s foothold.

I seal every spiritual gateway and door in Jesus’ mighty name; let Your Kingdom be made manifest as I give You all the praise.

I loose Your joy, peace, power and favor upon us all; we give all the glory to You. Cover us under Your Blood as we make worship You in spirit and truth.

Every word in prayer is like God’s divine sniper aimed in.
I pray all these things, in Jesus’ Name, Our Conqueror; Amen!