Now that We Are Saved, What’s Next?

It’s been said that ‘The Body of Christ is not on a pleasure-cruise on its way to heaven, but a battleship stationed at the very gates of hell.’ Let this analogy wrap around your imagination for a minute.

In other words, now that we are saved and assured of our salvation; we now have the honorable responsibility of saving others, including our family, friends and world around us.

The Bible asks us to freely give as we have freely received. It also states that the harvest for souls is ready but the workers are few. Let us each, one by one, be the T.D. James and Billy Graham in our own circle of influence.

Reach out, Be Bold, Die daily; Remain humble, Seek souls and Live freely. You have now received power and authority from the God from Whom all power flows. Grow your faith, stay in the word, speak to your mountains, rebuke sickness and disease and most of all, love unconditionally.

I believe that if I could give so much for myself, then how much more am I willing to give it all for Christ. It’s even easier knowing that we are on the winning side. The battle is already won in Jesus’ Name!!!!


How to Know You’re Saved?

[cont’d study: 2 of 3]

1. Can you know for sure that you are saved?

There are multiple signs that accompanies us when we have successfully become children of God. They are:

i. A complete removal of all condemnation and guilt. 📖Rom. 8:1
ii. An over-powering feeling of freedom. This is also from all fear including the fear of death. 📖John 8:36 & 1 Cor. 15:55
iii. You feel as if the lights have just been turned on for the first time in your life; that is, overwhelming wisdom and clarity. Prov. 9:10
iv. Power that comes from indwelling of the Holy Spirit. This power also translates to power to overcome sin inclusive of your past addictions.
v. Clearer more consistent communication with yourself and God. 📖 Rev. 3:20
vi. Joy unspeakable, peace that surpasses all understanding and the fruits of the Spirit. 📖1 Peter 1:8
vii. A renewed conscience that is repentant and aware when sin has been committed. 📖Ezk. 36:26
viii. New desires and ambitions to do the things that will please the Lord. 📖 Ps. 51:10
ix. A passion for reading the Word of God, especially in the early stages. The devil will attack this area primarily.
x. Miracles, signs and wonders will follow. 📖Mark 16:17

There are so many other signs that follow when we give our lives to the Lord. These are just some of the main ones.

2. Is it Possible to be Deceived that You are Saved when You are Really Not?

It is very possible that one may believe they are saved when they are not. Let’s review the following verses.

Proverbs 14:12
There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

Philippians 2:12b
…continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling.

Matthew 7:22-23
Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

There are some today that preach another gospel than the one preached in the Bible. They preach a God of love and grace without teaching a God of justice. To preach one and not the other can be very catastrophic for new believers. Holiness is a major key of salvation and eternal life. As such, many may be deceived into believing they may live anyway the wish, whilst being ignorant of how much God detests sin. Revelations chapters 2 & 3 represents this truth more in-depth.

Tomorrow, we will look at the most important question of this study:

Now that I am Saved, What’s Next?

How to Know You’re Saved

Why Do You First Mean by ‘Saved’?

Saved means your life is safely given over to God. In order to do this we must
i. Confess with our mouth that ‘Jesus Christ is Lord’ and
ii. Believe in our heart that Christ was raised from the dead. 📖Rom. 10:9
This involves confessing our sins to Jesus, Our Savior and in faith, receive His forgiveness. Lastly, it also means to accept Him into our heart as Lord & Savior and follow after Him.

Luke 9:23
Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.”

What Are We Getting Saved From?

It’s been said that “Only he who sees the disease will appreciate the cure” but I say “He who sees the disease of sin will appreciate and appropriate the cure of Jesus Christ.”

¤ We are firstly getting saved from a sinful lifestyle, bred on short-lived happiness leading to fleets of anger and depression. 📖Eccl. 1:14
¤ We are getting saved from our ‘self’, our flesh, which has nothing but hatred for God. 📖Romans 8:7
¤ We are getting saved from a devil who only has power over us while we abide in sin, but is a defeated foe once we step into our dominion authority as children of the Lord, Most High. 📖John 10:10
¤ We are getting saved from an eternity in hell where there will be weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. 📖Matt 13:42

I encourage each person reading this to take a look at the scripture references given.

In the next 2 days we will examine the following questions:
i. Can you know for sure that you are saved?
ii. Is it possible to be deceived that you are saved when you are really not?
iii. After being saved, What Then?

Why Does God Allow Evil?

I’ve been asked a number of times in my life questions such as:

If God is so good then why does He ‘send’ people to hell?


Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?

Both questions sound the same but are not, as one deals with eternity whilst the other is referring to those alive on earth today.

These questions can be answered very bluntly, by me saying that 1) God does not send people to hell, they simply choose to go and 2) God does not want bad things to happen to anyone, but sin and the devil most assuredly do.

There are those who make God their enemy in their inability to understand His ways, but the truth is that the real enemy is the one promoting this confusion, catastrophe and delusion.

Satan, is the author of lies and deception, as well as the source from which evil is produced. Our God by a simple word or snap of a finger can remove free-will and create a world of peace as we would have no other choice but to obey Him, yet love is not manipulative or domineering. God who is Love, therefore gives us the freedom to serve and obey Him as well as the freedom to disobey and rebel.

Who can be blamed for the evil in this world? I can only blame myself, for if sin is within me then I must banish it from my thoughts, my lips, my heart, my life. If we all take responsibility for abolishing all sin without compromise, imagine the world we would be living in today.

Unfortunately, as the Bible states, “Many are called but the chosen are few” and few there maybe thay read such a post as this and fewer thus that will take action.

Loneliness Has Friends – cont’d

In going through moments where we struggle with the feeling of loneliness it is noteworthy to be cognizant of the following:

1. There are other brothers and sisters across the world that may be in the same situation as you.

2. Jesus, himself suffered from this feeling of abandonment upon the cross (Matt. 27:46).

3. He sent His Holy Spirit, Our Comforter, so that we would never have to suffer alone and that we would have the power to overcome.

4. Finally, if we allow loneliness to takeover, it may lead to self-pity, bitterness, depression and so forth.

I find it very comforting when being in a situation, that I am able to get advice or comfort from someone who went through the same thing. When Jesus took on the sins of the world, He felt abandoned by God, yet we have to remember one thing – God promised that He will never leave nor forsake us.

So the question is this:

If God promises to NEVER leave nor forsake, why would Jesus ask “…my God, why hast thou forsaken Me?”

I believe the reason Jesus asked this question is based on the truth that He lived an entire life without sin. Once He took on all the sins of the entire world, generations gone and those to come, He felt the most powerful effect of sin; SEPARATION FROM GOD.

Sin separates us from God and not God from us.

Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear. But your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you, so that he will not hear. Isaiah 59: 1-2

Sin is the severance of an electrical item from its power supply. Remove a bulb from its socket and all you’ll have is glass. Removing ourselves from His presence via sin only open us up to a devil who not only want us to feel lonely, but to be lonely for eternity. For if Hell is one thing assured, it is an eternal separation from God.

Loneliness Has Friends

“It’s not good for man to be alone” saith the Lord at the beginning of time. This truth has never changed in any creed, culture or generation. Being alone is different from being lonely. In fact, it is very possible to be lonely in a crowded place. Therefore, it is not a lack of numbers, but a feeling of abandonment.

We must be very careful how we interpret and accept the feelings we have. Feelings, first of all are easily changed and based on one’s disposition. Thus we can safely say that feelings and reality are not the same thing. For example, I may have felt quite lonely years ago at the passing of my father, yet, remembering that God declared His love for us in a promise that He will never leave nor forsake kept me grounded and comforted.

God’s Word is more proof, fact and truth than this reality itself. We have to elevate the Word of God to be more liberating than the word of a judge, more dependable than the word of a bank and more powerful than the word of a doctor. He uses an absolute word such as ‘never’ then that simply means, NEVER! Through consistent meditation and declaration of this spiritual medicinal truth, all feelings of loneliness shall depart.

I praise God that we doesn’t use words like could, should or maybe. He promises that if you do this He shall do this. At times, He does not even promise – where a conditionality is required; He just gives us pure truth, such as:

♡ I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.
(Deut. 31:6, Matt. 28:20b, Heb. 13:5)

♡ The punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed. (Isaiah 53:5b)

♡ Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. (Joel 2:32, Acts 2:21, Rom. 10:13)

We will continue this study tomorrow, in the meantime, let us meditate on His promises toward us.


Life. Is it more filled with certainty or uncertainty? Life, is nothing but a seeming never-ending episode of uncertainty, leading to other uncertainties.

We get an education yet we are uncertain of the challenges we will face at school. We get qualified yet, are uncertain if we will even get a job that best suits our area of expertise or our passions. We get a job but even then, there is uncertainty of our level of success, mobility, the obstacles we may face and so much more. We may meet someone we fall in love with yet, we are never certain if they are the one we will marry, and if we do; we are never certain of how things will work out.

Amidst all these forms of bewilderment, the greatest of all that I ask myself is “When will I die?Will it be a peaceful death?” Maybe you don’t ask these questions but I most certainly do.

Life can be very uncertain. In fact, no one can ever be truly certain of exactly how life will turn out. We may have hopes, dreams and ambitions; we may even work as hard as possible to ensure a specific lifestyle, yet amidst it all, uncertainty is still present.

Life is filled with uncertainty, but of these things I am truly certain – God is real and His Love is even more so. This certainty, causes all other uncertainties to become blurred and thus out of my focus. There is a scripture that states, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” It’s a powerful question and statement even. It’s saying that having full knowledge that our God loves and cares for us, it matters not who may stand against us, be it principalities, powers, sickness, disease, death etc.

God is for us!!! This is the most certain statement that we can make. Death is certain, but because I have given my life to God, the uncertainty of time here on earth is not such a problem anymore. The focus now is to love as much, while there is such time to love as such.

When the Light Fades

What do you do when friends are no longer friends;
When those who should be there can no longer be sensed?

What do you do when the solutions you knew no longer solves;
When the problems you once overcame has returned and evolves?

What do you do when that which brought you happiness breeds depression;
When your curiosity becomes full blown addictions with no regression?

What do you do when the enemy you fight is no longer without but within;
When faith becomes failure and holiness, sin.

What do you do when the victory you seek is sky high or miles deep;
When the light fades and gross darkness creeps.

What do you do when prayers flow but answers don’t,
When you begged and pleaded to the point where you’ve lost all hope?

PERSIST!!! Because as long as God gave us breath for today there is hope for a change. He hasn’t given up on us, so we owe it to Him to not give up on ourselves; to not give up on Him.

Persistence with consistency are the two ingredients we all should pray for and exhibit. Without persistence you will always quit at the door to your victory; without consistency you won’t even reach the door.

The One True Hero

Born on earth and borne in pain.
Born among men for the disdained.
Birthed in power, created for cause
Born among animals with no need for applause.

Fashioned in flesh yet in purity He came,
Born in a world where all heroes get slain.
Established in authority as His ministry began.
Born to seek and save the lost in this land.

Anointed to do the impossible using the power of His words,
Born to give us unfathomable power beyond the limits of this world.
Rejected by those who believed themselves, the enlightened.
Born to seek the meek, the proud, the brave and the frightened.

Hated by a world who understood Him not,
Born to execute our punishment of death, by dying upon a cross.
Provided His precious blood that we could be empowered and free.
Born to die that we could rise and live with Him eternally.

When a King lays down his crown for the people He created,
When a Lord knowing all his power in love wouldn’t be appreciated,
When a Savior would suffer and die for us to be elevated,
Is when we celebrate our one true hero, Jesus, the KING of Kings and greatest.


A Call to Arms

Many of us have been running from the fight as long as we can remember, in hopes that we would never have to face that battle ever again. Many of us have become cunning, and adapted to methods and schemes of evasive action for the purposes of escaping challenges and battles that must be won and difficulties that must be faced.

It’s ok for you to think that that these measures may work, because the truth is, they have for a while. Haven’t they? There are conversations we need to have, but we compromise internally and say to ourselves, “It’s not my place, it’s none on my business. Let it slide.” There are addictions we need to break, but we say “I’ll be good, things are okay. Life goes on.” There are devils we need to face, but we cloud it in, “Oh God’s not real, if He did then…”

The truth is this, there will come a fight for each and every one of us and it won’t matter your age, gender, status or belief. There is a common enemy of man that has been deriding your efforts at success, eroding your dreams of a good marriage, suffocating your desires to be the person God has called you to be.

There is a FIGHT!!! There is a fight; and it has to be fought or I guarantee you upon the solid basis of scripture that you will not only lose, you not only will die, but you will be destroyed! When the Bible asked us to fight the good fight of faith, God knew the devil was going to attack your belief system in yourself, in your neighbor and in Him.  There is a fight, and that fight must be won, for the eternal destiny of a nation, your loved ones, your family and yourself.

Let he who is running, run no more! Let he who is sleeping, awake! Let he who is fearful, take up their weapon of war! FIGHT!!!! Fight for your life; because, as it says in the statement, your life depends on it!!!!