Live Hungry

Hunger is one of the most desperate and potent feelings one my ever experience. It changes our emotions as we become laser-focused and only one thing is on our mind; food. Other than food though, we all hunger for different things in life. Some of us hunger for a qualification, promotion, possession, social status among other things, but the number one thing to be hungry for is for Jesus and His righteousness.

Why some may ask?

When you focus on God’s business He will focus on yours. The natural, carnal tendency is to be individualistic whilst God is asking us to rid ourselves of ‘self’ and ‘selfishness’ and focus on being a vehicle of love to others. When we let go of the all that we have and give it to God, He will let go of the best that He has and give it to us.

Things to Remember:
¤ He made you with the desire to want and need the things you need.
¤ He knows the best way to contentment and fulfillment whilst achieving all these things comes through Him.

Achievements in the absence of Christ is but a loss, but even loss in the presence of Jesus is great gain.

Be forever Hungry for more of Jesus and His love in your life!!!

LOVE: It Keeps No Record of Wrongs

Do you like keeping score of wrongs done against you? Love becomes stifling in the midst of unforgiveness. No matter how good a spouse, a friend or a stranger, we are all prone to sins, shortcomings and mistakes. In an environment of forgiveness, trust and encouragement the capacity for growth is endless; yet, in an atmosphere of distrust, skepticism and fear, love is threatened to the point of futility.

Forgiveness is such an imperative that even God in His supernatural strength, cannot move in the life of an individual anchored in unforgiveness or crippled by fear. Hebrews 11:6 states, “And without faith it is impossible to please God…” and Matthew 6:14 says, “For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.”


Forgiveness and trust counters the hindrances to love’s perfection and maturity. In the same way our Loving God forgives and hopes endlessly amidst His knowledge that we are maybe going to fail yet again, He still does not refrain from loving and encouraging us. I encourage us all to be free from entanglements of distrust and the besetting sin of pride as well. Pride is foundation of unforgiveness and must ne banished. The humble He shall exalt and the proud, humbled.

Let’s love with all faith, hope and persistence.


A Love Beyond Self-Interest

Love and self-seeking are as incompatible as oil in water. John 3: 16 states, “For God so loved the world, that He GAVE…” Giving, sacrificing, and investing oneself is the truest testament of one’s love. It’s the evidence of words taking on living, irrefutable proof that indeed, I Love You.

If the language of love is poisoned with ‘You don’t give me this,’ ‘I need this,’ ‘If you love me who would do this;’ then like I had to do, you may also need to change as well. It has to do with friends, lovers or even strangers considering them all better than ourselves and by becoming a servant unto all. This love may seem radical, but it is the love that Jesus gave and the kind that God calls us to. As long as we are willing to obey, He will equip us with His divine grace to truly love and love selflessly.


Our world doesn’t need another war and our lives are most certainly are in need of a true revelation of God’s divine love for us. The disconnection between the created and their Creator needs to be mended by us giving the love due to the Savior of our souls. He is forever worthy of a life paid and laid down in love, and even then, we still wouldn’t have given Him His due. Let’s start Today, in Loving Him, then Loving Ourselves and thus, Loving Our very enemies.


LOVE is not Rude

Perhaps one of the most bewildering things in my opinion, is when someone claims to love you but somehow they always manage to be rude or disrespectful. It always set me aback, as I have to wonder what is the point of a love that produces no kindness or respect.

Let’s be honest here:
¤ Employees are courteous to customers even when they may be in a bad mood.
¤ People are generally respectful to other people who treat them with respect, especially when they are in a good mood.

The question is this: Why should someone accept a love that only gives respect or kindness when the mood or situation is right? If love does not shine in the darkest hour then the hard truth is that it may not be love at all.

Love is not rude. In essence, love is kind, caring and respectful.


Have we ever been rude to someone who loves us as a result of our being in a bad mood?
What steps can we take when we are at the lowest moments to ensure that we treat others with care and respect?

One word of advice – Ask God for His grace, because it will give you the power to do even when you were previously not able to. His grace is sufficient for us, for His power is made perfect in our weaknesses.

Imagine a world where we all love our brothers and sisters worldwide with patience, kindness, humility, selflessness and respect. Imagine us doing so even in our most stressful of situations.

Today, this change begins in Me and it begins in You.


Love is Not Boastful or Proud

Which person today wants a proud and boastful kind of love?
¤ A love that keeps reminding you of all the good they have done.
¤ A love that is condescending, letting you feel that they are doing you a favor.
¤ A love that performs for the accolades of others rather than being from a pure heart of loyalty and sacrifice.
¤ A love that never takes the blame and never sees their own mistake.
¤ A love that even after getting caught red-handed, considers remorse and apologies a thing to be despised and a weakness.

In order for love to be real, authentic, pure and divine it has to pass the test of selflessness and humility.

¤ It must be the kind of love that considers the needs of others superior to their own.
¤ It must be able to stand the test of time, being a standard of integrity and dependability.
¤ It must be the same effort behind or in front of closed doors. Too many of us are monsters in private but pretend to be perfect in public.
¤ It’s the kind of love that Jesus showed, leaving His Kingdom as Lord of lords to suffer at the hand of His own creation so that we could be free.

This is the most powerful example of love shown and one I would pray for us all to emulate. Imagine if we all did, this world would definitely be in a better state.

Let us love humbly and self-sacrificially Today, in Jesus’ name I pray. AMEN!

Love Envieth Not

definition feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck.

synonymscovet, evil eye, grudge, begrudge, hatred, ill will, lust. Jamaican terms: red-eye or bad-mind.

My mother told me many years ago that there are two types of people who live in this world. There are the one’s who look at life in terms of what they have, and the one’s who look at life in terms of what they don’t have. The first, will always find a way to happiness through gratefulness and being content in all they have, no matter how great or small. The other, can rarely if ever be satisfied or happy, because they are always comparing themselves based on the lives, attainment and achievements of others.

Love asks us to not look to the other side where the grass seems greener. It implores us to make the grass that we have as green as possible, by caring and nurturing it and the God who sees us being a good steward with the little that we have, will pour more mighty blessings into our lives.

I encourage us all, to examine our hearts and motifs. Envy, covetousness and lust has no place for where love should be. The one exception should be unless it is that we covet and lust for more of God’s presence and love.

Let’s begin to show the world how real love is done.
We have now covered patience, kindness and victory over envy is now won!


Of Paul’s first description of the word ‘love’ he ascribes the word ‘patient’ which means able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. Patience assumes that there is a situation under which the need to wait, tolerate or suffer through becomes necessary. Who exercises patience for something they already have? Many a times we are patiently awaiting answers from God. Sometimes we need patience when dealing with people who are trying to humiliate or infuriate us. Patience is a virtue and is also the fourth fruit of the Spirit.

Are you a patient person?
How much do you rate your patience out of 10?

Some of us show great patience in one circumstance but reveal sincere impatience in another. We are able to rely on God’s grace which transforms our weaknesses into strengths. Therefore, even if we are weak in this area, God can perfect us by His grace.

I encourage us all Today, to seek God in prayer for divine patience. Patience proves that we trust in God. It produces integrity and character and strengthens our faith. It is the enemy’s desire for us to grumble and complain about the various situations that we may face. Being silent and still releases God awesome power, anxiety and grumbling defeats us in our final hour.



One of the hardest things for people to do in this day and age is to be kind. The Bible lists kindness as the second fruit of real love and the fifth manifestation of the Holy Spirit’s presence in our lives. Kindness is not limited to children of God of course, as God made us all with an innate desire to want to be treated kindly and to want to be kind to others. For some reason, whether we want to call it life or circumstances, we have all had situations where we weren’t our kindest to others. Additionally, we may not even be able to count the amount of times that we have experienced unkindness from others as well?

We are ALL guilty today of the sin on unkindness, and fallen short of God’s glory.

As a result, I create a new challenge today for the next 7 days. The #KindnessChallenge #7DayKindnessChallenge.

I challenge us all to be kind to everyone whether or not they are being kind to us.

Maybe you have mastered this, and so an advanced challenge is this:
Be extra, double or triple kind to strangers (especially the less fortunate) without a reason.

The Challenge starts Today should you decide to accept and I pray God gives us His divine grace to enable us and teach us throughout this week’s challenge.

Message me if you wish to let me know if you plan on accepting this challenge that we may discuss our experiences and testimonies throughout this period.

If we could all be kind for a day world-wide it would be a day that no dies from a crime.