The Vessel

A vessel can be likened unto a cup. The purpose of the cup is not merely to be filled but to be poured out for the benefit of the user. The Bible likens us all as either being vessels of honor or dishonor. When God made us, we had two intrinsic purposes – intake and outtake. Much like how we gain knowledge for the purpose of sharing and helping others. We were never made for hoarding, greed or excessive-ness.

Much like the sick feeling we have when we eat too much, we find ourselves uneasy, miserable and disgusted when we don’t share that which God has implanted in each of us. Maybe you have a very loving personality and your mission is to share your love to the rejected and battered. Maybe you have a talent that the world is thirsty for, but you bury it in fear.

We will all be held accountable to our Potter who has crafted each of us as jars of clay. Our purpose is to live to the point where we die on E. Yes, EMPTY. Life was never just about the school, the job, the house, car and family. That’s important yes, but life is about touching lives; being the best man of God or woman of God that you could ever be.

I encourage you Today, to BE a Vessel of Honor. Be the light in the darkness in your family, neighborhood, work place and community. Our world hungers desperately for you to awaken and arise in your purpose, passionately and unswervingly.

Be filled with the Holy Spirit each and every day, and pour out His power in love until we die on E.