Father Forgive them…

Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. Luke 23:34

The Lord Jesus, told His Father to forgive the very people who were crucifying Him.

Jesus’ crucifixion took 6 hours. That is, six hours of mockery, public rejection, whipping, torture, being marred beyond recognition, culminating in His being nailed to a cross, pierced, spat on and left to die.

Seems like they knew exactly what they were doing.

But, do we really know that each time we reject Jesus’ salvation we are basically committing the same crime?

Do we know what we are doing?

Do we know that each time we say to God, “No, I am not ready yet” or “I just don’t know” we are a part of the great numbers that say, “Your suffering, death and resurrection was wasted on me😤. It was in vain✋.”

Do we know what we are doing?

For even those that turned away; are we not committing the crime of Peter of denying Him, or the betrayal of Judas? The Bible describes it as a dog returning to His vomit🙊.

Do we know what we are doing?

I am one of the most greatest backsliders. I’ve gone from preaching on buses to promoting parties. I’ve gone from being used to heal cancer to being at 400 parties in one year. I’ve gone from bringing hundreds of people to the Lord scattering maybe thousands through my social media pages.

So I am as guilty or even more guilty than any of you.


When the Finish Line Fades

The events of yesterday’s 4×100 meter will forever be etched in my memory. Our champion Bolt, in his final race of his illustrious career pulled-up on the anchor leg and was unable to finish the race. His pain-stricken face as he looked towards the finish line made me look into my life and future.


What happens when the finish line becomes blurred?
What happens when we have every intention to finish but our body restricts you?
What can we do when the tenacity we once had becomes a depleted propensity that seeks to delete our intensity?

When the finish line fades and lines become blurred…
Will I still be able to take God at His Word?
When the pain strikes my body with no medical cure…
Will I trust in His Blood when all say it’s absurd?

When calamity strikes and I am bent out of shape…
Can I be unshakeable forever abiding within my faith?
When the lights go out and my friends fade…
Even then, I will trust in the Ancient of Days!

Bolt’s legendary status has been borne through dedication, passion and pain,
Success has a price that most won’t be paying.

I do want to speak of another Legend though, one who eclipses the sum total of all great men.
He is the Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning and End.

I do know of a Legend, a best friend to all men, acquainted with our sorrows, the Lifter of our Heads.
He is Jesus, the true, ever-living, faithful; Our Daily Bread.

I celebrate the Legend that I’ve found in Christ.
He who became nothing so that we who were nothing could rise.

When the finish line fades and all the world’s a mess,
Trust in Jesus he will make a message of life’s tests.


When Purpose Calls

Where would the world of technology be without a Bill Gates?
Where would the sport of Basketball be without a Michael Jordan?
Where would Track & Field be without a Usain Bolt?
Where would Reggae music be without a Bob Marley?
Where would Jamaica be without Our National Heroes?
Where would we be without our Mom’s and Dad’s?
Where would we be without the spouse we chose to give our life to?
But most important of all – Where would we be without Jesus Christ?

Purpose had to be claimed and fulfilled through each of these persons listed above. Imagine if each never accepted their chosen path and decided to live without true purpose; how would things be different Today?

What is your true God-given divine purpose? For what circumstance and situation were you made to impact and better? Purpose like breath has been given to each and every one of us. Pray to the Lover of Your Soul and ask Him, “Lord, what is my purpose here on this earth?”

If you already know your purpose, I encourage you towards the journey of running the race and reaching the prize. I also encourage you to help someone along the way to find their purpose as well. God wants to use each and every one of us in a manner that will bring glory to His name. I challenge you to seek Him in this regard. Amen!!!

The Unspeakable Now

Speak of the unspeakable subject now to avoid the place un-redeemable then.

Many Christian leaders nowadays have softened the way they preach and teach from the Bible. Many have resorted to find sound, ear-candy kind of messages; preaching what itching ears want to hear rather than what people need to hear.

The Lord revealed to me years ago that the state of a lost soul can be likened to one drowning in a pool; one moment they may be there and another they’re gone. This aligns with the scripture of God describing human life as but a mist that appears for a while and quickly disappears.

The person that is drowning, in trouble, on their way to destruction and damnation does need to know of God being the God of love and grace but that has to be balanced with knowing He is also the God of truth and justice. On one hand He promises eternal life to all those who will snatch the rope from drowning in sin and on the other He promises a place of eternal suffering, where death and destruction momentary status evolve into eternity.

An insurer asks us to be insured against risk. A doctor may say ‘prevention is better than cure.’ I say REPENT, for the end is near!!! That end maybe life as we know it but it could jolly we be us that are called next.

The Truth Shall Set You Free!!!

Imagine a world where doctors spare giving you your diagnosis for fear that they may hurt your feelings.

Imagine the judicial system refusing to judge someone of crimes because they were told to ‘judge not.’

Imagine if all teachers gave all students the same compliments and same grades for fear that one may feel offended.

Would the world be a better place?

Jesus said it like this, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

The doctor, in all loving kindness has a responsibility to tell you the truth of your diagnosis so you may decide which course of action you may need to take.

The same is true of Christians. We don’t want to be the ones to call sin out and bring what’s in the dark to light, but what example would we be if we hid our light under a bowl?

My prayer is that we all realize the disease of sin is more deadly than any disease, more catastrophic than natural disasters, more powerful than even death.

It’s that thing lurking on the inside of each man, woman and child – that no matter one’s creed, deeds or what they have achieved; if sin is in our lives we are in danger of hell fire.

That last statement is your diagnosis if you are a sinner. The course of action you now choose will determine if you die to the disease of sin or live by the cure of Jesus Christ.


He Already Paved the Way

I made you with for a purpose to be a vessel of honor,
To give me Glory in all that you do by My enabling power.
I made you with the perfect career in mind with the right hours
I have a ministry for you but you stray from your Strong Tower.
I have warned of a warring lion who seeks only to devour,
But between self and selfies I’ve lost you and some are now cowards.

My purpose is assured with a 100% guarantee,
As long as you purposed with all your heart to follow after me.
I made the sacrifice that you could be free indeed,
I paid the price so you could live your life abundantly.
But in disgrace you dishonor my arms stretched out to thee,
For sin, self and satan many rejected the call to be holy.

Their purpose was wrapped in their obedience to hear my call,
True success kept knocking on hearts but they’ve built up a wall.
My Spirit was manifested in parents, ministers and all,
They would speak of my love to them but they ignored, denied and stalled.
Each time they would be in trouble, I’d be there after-all,
I would rebuke their pain from the fall and give them strength again to stand tall.

Yet, though my purpose was to give the exact thing the were hustling for,
Very few gave me a chance to lead them beside still pastures.
I am resilient in my efforts, abounding in mercy to the core,
I will keep reaching out to my creation as they even doubt I am their Creator.
For you who are tired of failing and living a life impure,
Give Jesus the wheels of your life and let Him guide you to heaven’s shore.

Know Your Enemy

Daily Dosage
Friday, July 14, 2017

Last night I spent about an hour tearing the tint off of the back glass in the my car, as it had started stripping. The Lord began asked if I had realized how much brighter the car had gotten as I got closer to completion. It was amazing, because even though it was at night the car had definitely gotten so much brighter, by removing the veil; I’m sorry the tint😉.

The Lord revealed to me just how the enemy uses tint (a veil, mind-blinding spirits) just like a pair of sunglasses, to prevent those who are in a sinful state from seeing God in His awesome splendor and majesty, lest we see who He really is and serve Him.

2 Corinthian 4:3-4 (Amplified Version)
But even if our gospel is [in some sense] hidden [behind a veil], it is hidden [only] to those who are perishing; among them the god of this world [Satan] has blinded the minds of the unbelieving to prevent them from seeing the illuminating light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.


The sinful nature off our flesh which has only hatred for the things of God, coupled with the veil that has been pulled over our eyes are two devices that are largely the reason why so much people seem to find comfort in sin, see God’s goodness to some extent, but still continue to live sinfully.

The Lord will remove the veil from each of our eyes but He requires us to act obediently in faith believing and accept Jesus’ forgiveness of your sins and receive Him as your Lord & Savior. If He removes the veil first, then your choice to accept Him wouldn’t be on made in faith but because you would be able to see clearly the evilness of sin and the glory of God.

My prayer today is like Moses you take that first step in faith, he stretched forth his rod and the red sea parted. If he didn’t, he and all of the Israelites would have died by Pharaoh and his army. Our step is one that is tied to very serious implications to life in the hereafter as well.


What Time is It?

Time it’s one the most powerful resources to show some somethings worth.
It’s like when it comes to time, people are rarely late for work.
Time waits for no one, the countdown clock begins from birth;
Isn’t it funny we always have time for school or work, but some have no time for church.

The thing with time is that it tells where our heart’s treasure lays.
The place where you spend your time mostly is the god that has your praise.
So, I say I love the Lord but in a given week, I can barely give Him a Sunday or Saturdays.
Yet, our time for other things are never compromised. LORD please let Your truth saturate!

They praise Me with their lips yet their hearts are no where close,
Service to God or money many make money their cross.
Who said ‘time is money’ that phrase is so funny; in time and money that person got lost.
Time is the precious commodity given to us by the Ultimate Boss.


Time is precious please don’t forget this life lesson friend,
Time is the only thing that keeps our hearts beating, at an unknown time that ends.
This is another day and time to make Jesus your Daily Bread,
Ignoring this time could be the last time; choose wisely where you wish to spread your bed.

What time is it?

For he says, “In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you.” I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.
2 Corinthians 6:2.


Lest We Forget!

It’s only but a moment for God’s wrath to be poured out upon Jamaica. Ezekiel 9:9-10 the Lord says, “The sin of the house of Israel and Judah is exceedingly great; the land is full of bloodshed and the city is full of injustice. They say, ‘The Lord has forsaken the land; the Lord does not see.’ So I will not look on them with pity or spare them, but I will bring down on their own heads what they have done.”

Ezekiel chapter 9 only has 11 verses and I suggest to every Jamaica believing or unbelieving, man, woman and child to read this passage of scripture. It details exactly how God’s judgement will be executed and what you can and should have already been doing to be spared.

The Lord spoke to me prophetically weeks ago regarding impending judgement looming for our country ‘Jamaica, Land We Love.’ The issue of murders, rapes and abuse has already kindled the wick of His indignation. What sets it ablaze are two realities.

One, the level of corruption; and two, prayerlessness within the Body of Christ. Corruption is one that is so entrenched within the leadership, that is, within both sides of the government, the police force and other areas. The Lord revealed to me that these are not wolves in sheep’s clothing, but they are shepherds who are wolves in sheep’s clothing. On one front they present a view of total innocence and concern, but on another, deals and handshakes are guaranteed for reciprocating benefits with the most perilous people in society.

Two, the Church inclusive of many Christians who have gone dull on the whole matter of intercession, praying, fasting, lamenting and crying out against the injustices are also within God’s crosshairs. To whom much is given, much is expected. When those who are called by the name of the Lord neither cry out, nor seek His face regarding their nation and government, thus refusing to use their position of power to pray for justice and mercy we become accomplices to the crime and violence.

My prayer today is that each Jamaican make it their point of duty to cry out for Jamaica each and everyday. If you believe that now is the best time to be eating, drinking and being merry whilst bloodshed and tyranny is upon this nation, be mindful that God of justice is watching.


Too Busy

I am so busy, like each and everyday.
Too busy to talk right now, too busy to hear you pray.
I have the poor to help, so many mouths to feed.
There is enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.

I’m busy son; my daughter, please hold. Talk to Me later or leave me a message after the tone.
Please don’t complain, I’m God – this is true.
You have always been too busy for Me, now I’m a little too busy for you.

I know you’re back is in a corner, I can hear you while you’re crying.
There’s so much watches in the world, yet, no one has the time.
You delay until the last-minute when calamity hits,
Then you call out for Me saying, “Jesus, please fix this!”

Yet, all day I called for you when life was so fun,
And like a fugitive from my love, all you would do was run.
You would flee from your calling and your purpose all day long –
Into the arms of the evil that I died to save you from.


“Busy, just too busy,” is always your excuse.
So now I’m just too busy, to be focusing on you.
Imagine if we got what we deserved? Would the Lord still hear our call?
So many deny Him daily yet claim to really love Him after all.

They never repented, never confessed or asked Jesus to come within.
They always thought of holiness as boring, and found great pleasure living in sin.
“But I believe in Him,” some say; “I even say so on my Instagram profile.”
But even the devil believes to be honest; simple belief isn’t worthwhile.

Unless a man surrenders his entire life to the Lord, and sincerely lives in obedience to His Word;
His life will be in danger of hell fire, this should be of great concern.
And if the earthly agenda has him wrapped that he hasn’t secured his soul,
Then rather than being sold-out for Jesus he’s simply out-cold.

In the end, all jobs, money, friends and followers will be left behind,
They may turn to Jesus because your death was enough of a sign.
Then you would realize that you had so many amazing chances –
Yet, was just too busy to accept the Lord’s advances.

Some may start to read this but may be too busy to read to the end,
If you are still here reading, please forward this to a busy friend.
Please consider making Jesus the Lord of your life,
Of all the wrongs things that we’re busy doing this is the one that’s so right.