The Cure for H.I.V.


Imagine if you or someone you loved was diagnosed with H.I.V. One can imagine that this could be the worst news that most people would ever want to hear. However, I also want you to imagine that there was a cure for H.I.V but it was very expensive. Let’s say the cost was 2 million dollars. Would you be willing to pay for the cure or invest in it for your loved one? Most people I know would.

One of the worst diseases in this world is sin. It is the root cause of sickness, disease, pain, depression, death and so much more. So many people there be that suffer from this eternally catastrophic disease yet none seem excited for the cure of Jesus Christ. We seem to be more swayed by the fruits of sin than sin itself. This is not a surprise or mere coincidence.

The devil has deceived us into accepting sinful lifestyles as we slay the voice of our conscience and the Holy Spirit. This then allows us to feel free and at peace in sin but in the end it’s the greatest deception of all. Let us not wait for calamity when the wages of sin comes to fruition when we then come to our senses. I urge us all to mediate upon the disease of sin and appropriate the cure of Jesus Christ.


When Mercy Meets Justice

It is impossible to really get to love someone if you only appreciate their good side. It’s been said that true love is knowing the good, the bad and the ugly about a person and still managing to love and appreciate them amidst it all.

When it comes to God, most of us love the God of mercy; we love His un-merited favor that we all at sometime have used as a license to sin. Most people on the other hand, do not love and appreciate the God of justice. We maybe appreciate His justice when wrongs have been done to us by others, but when it is pointed towards our rebellion, our disobedience and our unfaithfulness we don’t find it so cute.

God had said to me years ago, “Philip, like a balanced diet, you will never truly know, love and experience the true benefits of a complete and healthy relationship with Me unless you accept and love Me for all I AM about. You must love My mercy as well as justice, love Me with passion when I’m in your presence, and persist when I seem afar way off.”

To love and appreciate our God of justice is to have a healthy fear of the Lord which is the beginning of wisdom and understanding. It definitely causes us to be more conscious and careful of the choices we make. Where feet once rushed into sin, our steps have now slowed to consider the consequences of the actions we wish to take.

My prayer for all of us today is that we engage in a complete, healthy and unbiased love relationship; loving the Lord for all that He is and is about.

Prayer for Today:
LORD JESUS, I thank You for Your mercy and faithfulness that are new every morning. Encourage me today Lord, to love You for Your being merciful and just and everything in between. I want to love You from this day forward, completely, healthily, without bias and most importantly; not just out of convenience. I thank You for hearing my plea today as I pray all this in Jesus’ Holy Name. AMEN!!!


Fight, Fright or Flight

Paul was someone who used to persecute and even put Christians to death yet, when God transformed him he did marvelous exploits, inclusive of writing 11 epistles within the New Testament. He fought through shipwrecks, public punishments inclusive of whippings, imprisonments and being in danger from several crowds of people in certain regions and a whole lot more. His faith to this day is above reproach.

Peter, however; as a┬ádisciple of┬áChrist was told by Him that he would deny Him thrice before the cock crowed. He didn’t believe but when people began pointing him out from within the crowd, his fright got better of him.

There is also the story of Jonah; whose mission it was to warn Nineveh of their rebellion and if they never fasted and repented the Lord’s judgement would have been assured. He chose flight, and later endangered himself along with a ship of people who was soon about to be wrecked by a catastrophic storm sent by God because of Jonah’s disobedience.

Peter and Jonah’s sin was as a result of fear and pride.

I wonder how much times for fear of what our friends would think we like Peter, denied Christ too?

I wonder how much times in our self-righteousness we think ourselves better than others, and thus, pre-judge, criticize act selfishly or even wish for other person’s demise?

I wonder who is tired of living within normalcy and mere status quo? Who is going to be utterly sold-out for Christ, no reservation or hesitation; to be willing to lay down their lives for the gospel?

Fear and Pride are two powerful forces in which the adversary uses to cripple us from getting to know Christ or further deepening our relationship with Him.

My prayer today is that fear and pride will be gone from your life now and forevermore!

Prayer for Today:

PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT, I welcome you into my life today. You, Holy Spirit is the ONLY Spirit that I wish to remain in my life. I invite You into every are of my life even now; in every corner, facet & crevice. I ask in Jesus’ Name every kind of fear and pride will ne abolished NOW, from within me. I ask for Your grace Jesus, that I may love with Your compassion, power and humility. Empower within the inner-man that I may also slay all lusts and pride each day. I pray all these things in the matchless name of Jesus Christ! Amen!