Hidden in Plain Sight

The man she wanted was filled with words of wisdom that stimulated her intellect and further established her confidence. He properly guided her to a success that she herself thought could never be possible.

His words were the honied-dew kind that would remove strength from knees. They were like a heated knife melting through butter; romantic and yet filled with respect that solidified her inner-beauty and self-worth.

He showed her who she really was, not the reflection in the mirror but the finished, refined and perfected product of who she could be and was made to be. It’s as if he parted the curtains of time of revealed who she would eventually become.

He was just a shadow of a greater Master, an Architect at work. He was a father reassuring her of his love. He was a mother, comforting her in her times of hurt. He was that best friend who could read her emotions beneath the smile. He was the spouse that was carved from all that would complete her and by which he too would be completed.

He was Jesus, reaching through every friend, family member and lover trying to get to you. Behind every good, every smile, every moment and even the pain;
Jesus was forever the lover who was behind the good that came.

All that she can and was ever made to be, could never be achieved, until to His love finally surrendered and bent the knee. His plan is perfect, pure and powerful and was designed even before her birth; the problem is that she now gives His praise to everything else which brings Him pure hurt.


18 Years After

18 years ago to this exact day a 16-year-old Jamaica College student went up to the front of a church in response to an altar call.

Little did he know how his life was going to be transformed. He neither knew 1 week later he would be filled with the Holy Spirit nor that 2 weeks after God would use him to heal someone and prophesy to a church.

All he knew that he was as sinful, cunning and evil as they came. On the surface, he was a seemingly decent young man, but deep down was a person that would weaken anyone’s relationship with the Lord.

From turning proper Christian-like girls to the most daring ambitious bad girls to influencing curious people to becoming the most hardcore partygoers.

How was he to know that Good Friday, would lead him to do the complete opposite of what he did previously.

Or that he would be a preacher on buses, a minister through social media, a mentor to a few, a full-time evangelist to a world that seems to be growing ever so further away from Jesus Christ.

Yet, here he is; 18 years after:

The road; a mess.
The walk; riddled with failure.
The struggles; many.
Those led to the Lord; around a thousand.
Greatest miracles; salvation and stage 4 cancer leukemia healing.
God; ever-present.
Fighting; always.
Loving; always.
His; always!
Humility; my number 1 ask of the Lord.

This is where I am after 18 years. Where will you be?


The Lord is not coming just for our:
¤ Tithe of 10%
¤ Day of Worship
¤ Few minutes of Prayer
¤ Random religious post
¤ Several respectable deeds

If we think He is, then we have been gravely deceived and immediate changes are recommended.

The Lord is coming for EVERYTHING!!!

He said to LOVE the LORD your GOD with ALL your HEART, ALL your SOUL & ALL your MIGHT; and finally, LOVE your NEIGHBOR as yourself (Luke 10:27).

He doesn’t want a portion, a day, an act, a moment. He wants ALL and in truth and in fact; deserves ALL.

That is:
¤ ALL our money
¤ ALL our energy
¤ ALL our talents
¤ ALL our focus
¤ ALL our attention
¤ ALL our affection
¤ ALL our minutes, days, weeks & years
¤ ALL our good, bad & ugly
¤ ALL our mess & messages
¤ ALL our sacrifices
¤ NO holding back
¤ NO reservation
¤ NO hesitation
¤ NO relenting

Then & ONLY then will we truly experience Ultimate Freedom & Victory in Jesus Christ.

Until that time, the devil will always have a bargaining chip; a tether by which he can reach us.

When we give it ALL up for Jesus, He will give it ALL up for us.

A Message to the Deeply Rooted (continued):

Humility is –
+ the lowliness of spirit
+ the humbling of oneself
+ the denial of our flesh
+ considering the needs of others greater than our own
+ the brokenness of spirit
+ the utter dependence on God
+ the abolishing of all ‘self’ before God.

One may go to hell for doing all the wrong things and thus living sinfully which is pretty obvious.

But one may have done all the right acts, believed themselves to be a Christian and yet still find themselves in hell as well.

The key cause of this is PRIDE. This was the first sin to have ever been committed and was carried out by Lucifer, himself.

Thus, it goes without saying that this is his #1 play in all of humanity.

Pride is the reason many people reject Christ, why so many Christians are afraid to evangelize to their friends and so much more.

As such, it is of paramount importance that under the Holy Spirit’s empowerment, we examine our lives daily, so as to ascertain the motifs behind all our actions, decisions and so forth. The proper formation of this practice will not only curtail instances where pride raises its ugly head, but aid in safeguarding your salvation in Christ.

Each day pride has to be crucified along with lust of the eyes and flesh. I also suggest to make it your daily prayer for humility to be your #1 ask of the Lord.

For you who wish to dig even deeper, we may go one step further and afflict our souls with fasting, as this is the most potent form of humbling ourselves before God.

Fasting along with daily examining of ourselves are two integral practices that I believe each true believer in the Body of Christ needs to be doing.

This along with the expected prayer and reading of God’s Word of course.

I encourage you all as I do myself ” To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8


Stronger Than Nuclear

Scripture Reading
Isaiah 58:9
Then you will call, and the LORD will answer; you will cry for help, and he will say: Here am I.

Want to see the impossible, the unexplainable, the supernatural?
Then one must be willing to fast. In situations where nations experienced powerful demonstrations of revival and breakthroughs, fasting was a major key.
There are varied kinds of fasting but the one that I am referring to today is the abstaining from food whilst seeking God for a desperate need. There are many life-changing experiences that can be made manifest from fasting, such as:

¤ Unlocking deeper levels of intimacy with God.
¤ Getting healing from life-altering diseases and conditions.
¤ For deliverance and breakthroughs for one’s self or others.
¤ Seeking God for wisdom and direction for important situations.
¤ To see revival and transformation in a nation, community, church, family etc.
¤ Breaking down strongholds of addictions, curses and oppression.
¤ Gaining grace over lusts and pride.
¤ Increasing one’s capacity for the power of God, that is, the anointing.
¤ Getting answers to anything deemed impossible or incurable.

Fasting and Prayer is the strongest of all weapons given to man. There is no other weapon that is as powerful – for he who fasts, moves the Hand and Heart of Almighty God.

Isaiah 58 is a good place for each person to start reading should they have a desire to fast, learn how to fast or to find out the benefits of fasting. One thing I know is this, the body primarily needs food to survive. When you say to God that I am willing to suffer my core need of the flesh for a need in the spirit; He becomes all the more attentive and focused to our every plea.


Love the Lord
Follow after His teaching
Share His Gospel of Love & Hope
Heal the sick
Proclaim deliverance to the broken-hearted
Set those held captive free
Preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth
Persist amidst persecution
Be willing to shed our blood for our belief in Him
Give up our life to seek after Him wholly
Read, study and meditate on His Word
Forgive that you may be forgiven
Obey His commands
Care for the poor
Entertain strangers
Deliver those who have been unjustly treated
Plea the cause of the widow
Afflict our flesh with fasting
Encourage the brethren
Forsake not the assembling of His people
Pray for our leaders
Intercede for our nation
Tithe into His kingdom
Bring forth our best first fruit offerings
Worship Him in all that we do
Give Thanks in ALL THINGS
Seek Him while He may be found
Seek Him first
Blessed are the meek
Dwell in His Presence
Pray without ceasing
Be hungry for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Flee fornication
Shun the very appearance of evil
Be 100% transparent before Him
Deny flesh but never deny God
Remain humble and meek
Be Broken, Stay Hungry, Remain Thirsty & Live Desperately
Keep His praise on our lips
Love our Enemies
Pray in the spirit
Keep your thought life positive
Be anxious about nothing
Abolish all fear
Resist all temptations
Apply grace in all areas of weaknesses.
Live by Faith; not by sight.
Declare the ‘word’ over your life.
Be wise as a serpent
Be Harmless as a dove



In a world where soft porn is as easily as accessible as opening Instagram m; we as Christians have not received any compromised/relaxed requirements regarding living holy lives. Images with ads, music videos and certain social media pages leave little if anything to the imagination.

Yet, verses such as flee the very appearance of evil (1 Thes. 5:22) or overcoming lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life (1 John 2:16) makes clear God’s stance and thus, His expectations of us. So I pose these questions to you:

1. Does God expect less from us knowing that this era is evidently more difficult to remain holy?
2. What are the steps that we (who are persuaded to follow after Jesus) are supposed to undertake in order to guard our hearts?
3 Is it possible that these temptations hold within them, the possibility for us to be even stronger and more anointed than ever before?

Answer to Question #1:

The answer to the first question is obviously ‘No.’ His law and truth endures to all generations (Ps. 100:5) and there is no relaxation of His divine standards and His expectations. After all, “without holiness no one will see the Lord” (Heb. 12:14).

Answer to Question 2:

From the start of the day we need to do the following:

¤ I Die Daily | He must Increase; I must decrease | Slay lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and pride of life
(1 Cor. 15:31 | John 3:30 | 1 John 2:16)

¤ Arm Ourselves with the Armor of the Living God (Eph. 6:10-18).

¤ Daily Dominance in Our Thought Life
We need to declare that our thoughts are now brought under the captivity to the obedience of Jesus Christ (2 Cor. 10:5).

¤ Fasting Consistently – Fasting unlocks within us divine authority over our most primal instinct; which is our desire for food. This control makes it so much easier to then silence all the our other carnal desires. Paul said it bes, that he beat his flesh into subjection (1 Corinthians 9:27).

Answer to Question #3:

Two verses answer this question:
¤ …where sin increased, grace increased all the more (Rom. 5:20)
¤ The latter rain anointing shall be greater than the former rain (Hag. 2:6-9).
¤ The greater the resistance the stronger and bigger that a muscle may be built. The same is true for our increased challenges. The more trials and tribulations we face is the more we need to be dependent on Him for His grace. Each experience builds our intimacy with Him and magnifies His anointing upon us.

Prayer for Today:

Mighty God, strengthen me with might in my inner-most being. I pray for Your Grace to undergird me in my weakness and enable me to walk as according to the leading of the Holy Spirit. I die today towards lust of the eyes, the flesh and the pride of life. I hereby declare that all thoughts are now brought under captivity to the obedience of Jesus Christ. I arm myself with Your armor from the helmet of salvation to my feet equipped with the readiness of the Gospel. I am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus and I thank You that I am covered under Your Blood in Jesus’ Name. Amen!!!