Competing Powers

In a world built on the need to be the best, the first, to be seen, to be known, to be liked and to be followed; the war of competing powers is one never to be engaged in, but simply ignored.

This ‘driven’ world is built on man-made, human-defined success that proves false, lacking and short-lived. As we assess the lives of the rich and the famous, we easily realize how much so many of them fail on even coming even close to achieving peace, security, deep-rooted happiness, lasting joy and true success.

Rather, we hear of sex scandals, DUI’s, drug-abuse, suicides, questionable deaths along with their being plagued by paparazzis, who withhold our basic desire for privacy. Yet, so many people rush in for the deception of wealth and fame, not knowing the ask that it requires is one that very few are truly willing to pay.

The most unfortunate thing is for the one’s who have paid the ultimate price and sacrificed what was necessary to get what they so needed from life and still find themselves wanting.

Man has no greater need for God, yet what he wants and hungers for is disguised in the glitter of this world. The sooner we realized this, the sooner we can resign from competing for attention, and recognize that we always had His attention.

He was always there. The God of the farthest galaxies and widest expanses is indelibly, indefinitely, passionately, unconditionally in love with you and that’s all that matters. No need to vie for the world when God the Creator of All desires to not only care for you but wants for to be with Him in Heaven.

Submit to Him today and allow His love to transform your life.


When the Finish Line Fades

The events of yesterday’s 4×100 meter will forever be etched in my memory. Our champion Bolt, in his final race of his illustrious career pulled-up on the anchor leg and was unable to finish the race. His pain-stricken face as he looked towards the finish line made me look into my life and future.


What happens when the finish line becomes blurred?
What happens when we have every intention to finish but our body restricts you?
What can we do when the tenacity we once had becomes a depleted propensity that seeks to delete our intensity?

When the finish line fades and lines become blurred…
Will I still be able to take God at His Word?
When the pain strikes my body with no medical cure…
Will I trust in His Blood when all say it’s absurd?

When calamity strikes and I am bent out of shape…
Can I be unshakeable forever abiding within my faith?
When the lights go out and my friends fade…
Even then, I will trust in the Ancient of Days!

Bolt’s legendary status has been borne through dedication, passion and pain,
Success has a price that most won’t be paying.

I do want to speak of another Legend though, one who eclipses the sum total of all great men.
He is the Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning and End.

I do know of a Legend, a best friend to all men, acquainted with our sorrows, the Lifter of our Heads.
He is Jesus, the true, ever-living, faithful; Our Daily Bread.

I celebrate the Legend that I’ve found in Christ.
He who became nothing so that we who were nothing could rise.

When the finish line fades and all the world’s a mess,
Trust in Jesus he will make a message of life’s tests.


My Dad was My #1 Fan

So I was born to a Father who along with my mom paved the way for all three of my siblings and I to go to Mona Prep. At one point in time we were all there at the same time; must have been a serious sacrificeđź’°đź’˛. In many a ways, my dad was like my number #1 fan. From the moment I started track & field at Mona in grade 1 all the way through to third form at Jamaica College, he was always there. This support was magnified when I then switched from tracks to football. He was always there on the sidelines as our team’s second coach. Then there was college, as I attended Judson College in Chicago on football and academic scholarship. Yet, he would take trips to visit, spend time and ensure I was okay, because I didn’t have much family members in the state of Illinois. His support through life made him the obvious choice of best man at my wedding and it remains one of the last happiest memories of my life with him. Was he perfect? Far from it, but what can you say about someone who was always there when you needed them the most. On Good Friday, 2000, when I went up to the altar to give the Lord my life, my dad somehow made it from over 50 feet away, playing with my little sister, to laying his arm around me and praying as a mighty man of God. I had never heard a man, much less my dad pray like this before. I was honored to be brought before God with both Jesus and my dad in my presence at the same time. When he left this earth it was like losing the grounding, the anchor that was always there; anger was present along with bitterness and fear. Though he died as a child of God I was angry with the Lord, and avoided speaking to Him and reading His Word. I had to learn months later to forgive myself and accept this fate; to forgive the Lord who would give understanding and increase my faith. Now I must press through this life as best as I can, to one day be reunited with my dad, my best man. Lord of infinite wisdom, God of everything; please give my dad a hug and kiss and let him know how much I miss him.