The Chance We Didn’t Take

Life is a story of chances, some of which has led heart ache; others, have given us some of the most amazing memories we have today. A person who refuses to take a chance or risk may very well avoid being hurt, but sometimes, even the hurts teaches us wisdom that may make us into more successful people tomorrow. The act of not taking a chance in my opinion, is worse than taking a chance and getting hurt by it. There is no knowledge that is not beneficial in some way.

The word ‘chance’ denotes the presence of a risk or an opportunity that may or may not bring a positive outcome. Let’s just say we all gave God a chance in our lives, we would be assured of the following:

1. He would never fail and would never leave or forsake us.
2. Even if we thought He had failed us or, we believe your life to be irredeemable, He has the ability to make all things work together for our good.
3. He puts His word above His own name meaning that, His #1 priority is in keeping His word.

This chance could easily be described as one of the simplest, most powerful and most pertinent of all. In the end of a life we may have made a million choices including chances given to school, work, friends, family and self. Of all the chances to be made, the one chance we didn’t take could be the one that could prove to be our biggest mistake. It could be so very profound, that amidst all of a persons success, good heart and good deeds they would have passed on without being heaven-bound.

Of a million chances that are taken within a person’s life, the most powerful and precious is the one we make for Jesus Christ. Continue reading “The Chance We Didn’t Take”