Who’s Your God?

As the sun rises to shine and moon gives light at night;
So I ponder, of what purpose have I?
As the trees produce fruit and ground blossoms life;
So I meditate on my being born in this time.
As that which is sown can be reaped and that which is given is received;
So I wonder on what function was given to me.
The sun, moon, trees and grounds knows their place, purpose and be;
Yet, I stand negligent of God’s need to glorify Himself through my being.

All the created things were made to bring glory to the Eternal Supreme Being;
From the waving grass on ground to the roaring seas.
All of creation sees the evidence of Your presence, yet some refuse to see –
The detail, the splendor and wonder in all the created things and Your Majesty.
So I, a minute creature in time and in Your hand I bring –
Only glory well deserved to you and this and more you deserve as KING of Kings.
If I had lived every day, from my birth to death with total obedience; a life without sin –
It would only be an insignificant fraction of the love that You have given.

Today, we seek the glory and approval as likes, follows, subscribers and more;
You made us in Your image and in our image we re-made You for sure.
We redesigned a religion that allows us to feel like we are saved;
So that we may feel free of guilt, as our conscience is enslaved.
We seek to gain glory from our fans, friends and all we depict fame, success, power;
Yet, in a fleeting moment all gained shall be lost when it’s our chosen hour.
And a life which was made to glorify our King Jesus was spent every moment honoring himself;
Then face the judgement and answer as to what they did with time – man’s true wealth.

Of a million likes, views, dollars or whatsoever measure of success you use;
Living for God’s glory is true success; be not fooled or confused!
Any glory gained from living outside of Jesus Christ,
Will only be destroyed at the cost paying an unfathomable price.
We may have lived the perfect life among men and garnered all their praise;
The soul that sins shall die and perish in hell for countless days.
Then we may ask, “For what purpose did I pursue this that life I lived?”
And be left only with the answer that you made yourself to be your god; your King.

My Brother’s Keeper

“Perhaps it would have been better if you had kept this truth and life to yourself. Why do you insist on sharing this Gospel of Jesus Christ when we have no interest in hearing it? Religion is just man’s way of getting us to conform. It is a lie from our forefathers and a deception. Why preach, why share, why post, why outreach?”

The truth is there are many of us that have become the ‘silently saved.’ We have given our lives to the Lord and are afraid to tell others of His love, His life and power, for sake of ridicule or embarrassment. Yet, we are commanded to do just that. In fact, the very God we serve was ridiculed, chastised and slaughtered even, so each of us can experience the liberty and authority we have today.

Yet, many have become imprisoned by fear; be it fear of failure or that which stems from pride – we then cower and hide the light of Christ under a bowl (Mark 4:21), selfishly keeping the gospel to ourselves like a policeman that is witness to a crime and does nothing but walks away. Ezekiel 33, gives a warning to us to warn our brothers and sisters from continuing to live in their sinful ways, but it also warns us who are saved as well.

If you do not warn your brother, sister, friend or neighbour, their blood will be on your shoulders (Ez. 33:4-6). We are called to be our brother’s keeper – to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. If I were unsaved I would want someone to pursue me with all the love and diligence in the world. We better believe that there are others in the world who are all hungering for this same truth. They may believe the solution is in the promotion, the influence, the power or the prosperity. It is our responsibility to show them that all they need can be found in Jesus Christ.


This is the Year!!!

It’s the beginning of a New Year and we are filled with excitement and optimism. I myself am happy that we all made it through 2017; we are all a living testimony. Not only has the Lord brought us through some tough dilemmas but He has spared us from many an unforseen circumstances.

So, let us take this opportunity to express thanksgiving and praise to the Lord for His protection, provisions, His favor and mostly, His love. There are some who started their life of faith in 2017 and, sadly, there are maybe some that have drifted. 2018 is a year to stay on track and if you have ventured off; to get back on.

Let us approach all our dreams, aspirations and challenges being on the winning side with Jesus Christ. As we present our objectives to Him, He leads us to achieving those that are according to His will by empowering us by His grace. I encourage all who believe or don’t believe in Christ Jesus to give Him a chance this year. As for those that are already saved, I encourage us to walk passionately and with integrity.

I love you all and pray the Lord’s blessings and favor upon you, yours, your family and friends. A Most Amazing 2018 to You.