Zombie Culture

Zombies we are empowered by flesh,
With a need to feed;
Seeking for a higher threshold,
With an endless greed achieved.

A world built on sin, self and the grave –
Many reject Christ but seek a way to be saved.
The one path He paved – by His blood made a way;
Yet, as zombies we crave a different blood and lifelessly we walk away.

Zombies we are carved in sin,
With no innate need for Christ.
We choose to compete to be seen,
Than to appreciate being the apple of His eye.

A world tethered to short-lived happiness and pleasures that only lead to hell.
Even if one were to return to earth to warn us all, we would just ignore the bells.
The life we live it so important until it’s not;
The dreams, talents and all we have, yea all is given by God.

Zombies,we grovel and suffer,
When we were made to have dominion and power.
As we watch the deaths of our sisters and brothers,
We unconsciously take the same path that led to the demise of the others.

And if a beacon, a loud-speaker, a scream begged us to turn,
We would not even listen, just hear without the learn.
And if fellow zombies saw the light and told us of this truth,
We would just laugh and say “We are not yet ready for that may we please be excused.”

Sinners, like zombies we all were at some time.
Some gave Jesus a chance, the others kept their idols and shrines.
Sinners, like bondage we were all chained to believe the lies,
Some made them gospel, others Accepted the Gospel and Love of Christ.

I encourage and empower you all to make this change.
There is a powerful and prosperous life if we trust in the Ancient of Days.
He is Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Most High God, forever worthy to be Praised.
Taste and See that the Lord is good and your life will never be the same.



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