Now that We Are Saved, What’s Next?

It’s been said that ‘The Body of Christ is not on a pleasure-cruise on its way to heaven, but a battleship stationed at the very gates of hell.’ Let this analogy wrap around your imagination for a minute.

In other words, now that we are saved and assured of our salvation; we now have the honorable responsibility of saving others, including our family, friends and world around us.

The Bible asks us to freely give as we have freely received. It also states that the harvest for souls is ready but the workers are few. Let us each, one by one, be the T.D. James and Billy Graham in our own circle of influence.

Reach out, Be Bold, Die daily; Remain humble, Seek souls and Live freely. You have now received power and authority from the God from Whom all power flows. Grow your faith, stay in the word, speak to your mountains, rebuke sickness and disease and most of all, love unconditionally.

I believe that if I could give so much for myself, then how much more am I willing to give it all for Christ. It’s even easier knowing that we are on the winning side. The battle is already won in Jesus’ Name!!!!


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