The Cheater


As Christians we learn from a Savior who loved us all while we were still sinners. Jesus’ love is one that reaches out to every man, woman and child. It matters not the sins we commit, His love calls for each and every one of us to accept His love and purpose for us.


Although God’s love is from everlasting to everlasting, we also know that He is holy and has sincere hatred against sin. Imagine His hatred: He sent His Son for the core purpose of redeeming and cleansing us from all sins. Thus, His Son was invested for the return of our holiness. When we flirt, dabble and indulge in sin, we break His heart and show hatred towards God.

So he loves us no matter who we are or what we have done, but he abhors sin and our sinfulness with a righteous jealousy.


Imagine you had dedicated your life to loving and caring for someone. When you helped them out, they would never be there for you. When you had made every effort for them to have peace, joy and security they would never see the sacrifice as anything worth consideration. When you stayed faithful, they cheated. Your jokes were never funny enough, but the other person’s was. Your love was seeing as pathetic and weak but they preferred a more dangerous and abusive love that left them victimized. You only had the best of self-sacrificial love to share, but they preferred the love of someone you knew, was evil in its purest of forms.


What would you do?
Would you not warn them about the dangers of the other person?
Would you not speak to their value system and self-worth and let them know they deserve better than the abuse?
If you had limitless power, would you not want to rend heaven and earth to secure their heart and rebuke their pain?

This is but a snippet, snapshot, screenshot in the eyes of a God whose feelings are a million times over than we may have the capacity to feel.

Imagine how His heart breaks when we play around with sin.
Imagine His pain when the things He died for us to be free from, we nurture, protect and call it good.
The same devil He gave us the power to defeat, is the one we keep closest to our hearts; while rejecting Him.

My friends please consider the love relationship between God and You. No one loves a cheater; Yet any day Jesus would say “I DO!”

Prayer for Today:
LORD JESUS, I know I have been unfaithful and ungrateful to You in more ways than I can count, consider or remember. I ask you to forgive me and I invite You in my heart today.
Help me to love You the way You love me.
Help me to love myself the way You love me.
Help me to love each person the way You love me and finally;
Help me to love my enemies the way You love me.
I pray these things in no other name, but the In the Name of Jesus Christ. AMEN!!!



Paid for in Blood

Beaten and battered, panting in pain
The whip which ripped flesh, blood drips;
saturated in shame.
Oozes His blood, no flesh to retain –
Body marred beyond recognition, His condition met by evil untamed.

After the whips, battery, ridicule and torment,
The betrayal, denial, false accusations; the red carpet
Rolled out for Barabas the murderer they all said
That Jesus’ punishment was in no way halted.

His riddled back wriggled with the cross; blood trickled,
Strength departing from knees as he’d buckle they’d giggle.
Yet; he inched closer to our salvation each weakening step, little by little.
The King who became a curse and from defeat, victory He chiseled.

As nails driven among flesh, blood and bones breaking,
His screams bellowed ‘to the heavens; strength exasperating.
Lifted at Gilgal as the jeering never-ceasing,
The Devil prematurely started celebrating.

It was when Jesus looked to heavens with the last thoughts of YOU and me,
He knew these were His lasts breaths that would set His world free.
Yet, for the first time something happened that led him to His last plea;
“Father, Father; why hast thou forsaken me?”

Men’s words and reenactment of this event could never truly be captured.
Words fail, imagination fails, so the attempt of any actor.
The last words of Jesus as He ended that last chapter,
Tells the gravity of sin when a soul is truly captured.

The presence of God leaves, there is no fellowship between holiness and sin,
And living in sin is only a spit in the face of Jesus your King.
It’s the way we crucify Him for another day of doing our own thing,
But just as how God’s presence left Him, the soul that sins also lives without Him.

This is where His investment of holiness, pain and suffering fails,
When we hear of His gospel but in the presence of your sinfulness it pales.
You then turn from Him, the Messiah who weeps and wails,
His last breath was that you would live free with every breath exhaled.

So I beg of thee, Turn my brother, my sister walk not away!
The risk you take was the price that Jesus already paid.
There is a life of freedom and power in Jesus if you receive Him today;
Rejecting could become eternity. Is that a price that you’re willing to pay?

His Undivided Attention

I remember a few years back when I was on the street advertising some promotional packages for my social media company. I somehow managed to meet a very wealthy owner of multiple stores who was very interested in hearing about the options. So he invited me to a meeting and we began discussing demographics and so on.

His phone was ringing incessantly with calls from his wife and other associates but he would express the need to not be disturbed as he was in a meeting. This was also the same thing he said to his staff who also had seemingly pertinent issues that required his attention. His undivided attention boosted my confidence and I was determined to land an agreement.

I remembered leaving the meeting with mixed emotions. He said that his staff would contact me regarding the option that he would be choosing. This had me feeling a little disappointed but then my I felt happy from the level of undivided attention that made a random meeting have an aura of being an official one.

A life changing conversation ensued thereafter, between God and myself. He expressed concern over my feeling happy from being given the time of day by someone seemingly very important. He asked me plainly, “How is it that you don’t feel the same level of pride and confidence when talking to Me? Philip, if anything shouldn’t you should feel more honored and in awe when speaking to Me? This man is not even a Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. I understand your feeling some happiness when someone gives you their undivided attention, but don’t I give you that all the time?”

I was floored!😔

I have never been the same since. I now write all this to encourage that one person who takes the time to read these devotionals to not make the same mistake as me. Self-examination is therefore, now necessary.

Many people today would go crazy if a person like a Drake, Nicki Minaj or some other celebrity were to follow them on IG, like their comment, respond to a comment or message etc. Yet, we have the God of all human life, of all creatures, of all gods, of all universes; but we have little to no excitement at all when we enter into His presence. That realization is everything and calls for us to make a change as I had to.

And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief. Matthew 9:24

Prayer for Today:
LORD JESUS, I believe in You but help me to overcome unbelief in every area of my life. Remove my heart of stone and give my heart of flesh, that will be broken before You; that will be honored and in awe of Your presence and majesty. It is Your undivided attention that is more precious than anything else that we could ever want or imagine. I repent, dear LORD, where I have found more joy in the created over You, the Creator. Forgive my unbelief and grant me grace to never commit this error again. I receive Your forgiveness and grace even now, in Jesus’ Name. AMEN!!!


Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you—unless, of course, you fail the test? 2 Corinthians 13:5

Almost all of these questions were zero for me. I was a hardcore sinner as most of those who really knew me could tell you. Ask yourself these questions too:

How much times per day do I set a part to have devotions, pray, read the Bible etc?
Assuming I devote moments in my day for seeking the Lord; how much time do I spend per day in total?
How often do I read the Bible per week?
How much people do I evangelize on a daily basis?
How much saints do I encourage on average per day?
Do I go out of my way to care for the poor, the sick or the powerless?
What percentage of my posts on social media give glory to God?

If the above questions are mostly zero for you, that means that you are quite likely living in sin as I was. If you are a Christian and your numbers are low, then you have some things to work on.

The questions below, I used to pass with flying colors. See how you measure up:

How much time do I spend on your phone?
How much time do I spend watching tv per day?
How much time do I spend playing games or surfing the internet per week?
How much time do we spend working per day?
How much time do we spend at the gym per week?
Do parties take precedence over spending time in worship?
Does the gym come more easy to you than going out to share the Gospel?
Does hanging out come easier than going to church?
Is listening to hip hop, rap and/or reggae an easier ask than reading the Bible?

Most of us know internally when we are not living righteous, holy lives; and we really don’t need anyone to point it out. Yet, God’s blessings go out to that annoying person that loves us enough to tell us the truth knowing that there is strong chance that we don’t want to hear. Sometimes we need a reminder, because we have the tendency to slip into our usual routine that excludes being exclusively reserved for Christ and His purposes for us.

This is your reminder today. I realized the eternal detriment I could find myself in if I died outside of Christ. Over fifty-five million people die every year, over 151,000 each day and over 6 thousand each hour. These numbers represent lives that were no different from ours; all loved by God and filled with purpose. Yet, death comes. It comes for us all, young or old, rich or poor, Christian or non-believer.

This is a word of encouragement to Christians; give everything you have. This is a warning to the unbeliever – Repent! For the kingdom of God is near and death may be even nearer!

Prayer for Today:
LORD JESUS, even amidst beautiful days and joyous moments, lives are being taken. I ask You to save me from all the distracting noise of life around me. I ask You to enable me to start living for You. Forgive me Lord of all my sins and unrighteousness. Come into my heart Jesus and be my Lord & Savior forevermore, in Jesus’ Name. AMEN!!

Where is God in all of this?

One of the main questions people ask is, “If God is so loving, then why does he allow so much evil to prevail in this world?”

The answer to this question is founded upon 3 factors: God, man and the Devil.

God is slow to anger and abounding in love. This love stretches over little white-lies we tell, our sexually immoral lifestyles to others who are murders, blasphemers and so forth. His love for His creation should never be considered a weakness especially in the eternal promise of damnation in hell, where there shall be weeping, whaling and gnashing of teeth.

Humans are influenced by 3 sources:
i. their flesh ii. the Holy Spirit and iii. the devil
We have been given free will, that is, freedom to accept or reject any of these three sources of influence.

The devil’s mission has been simple from his downfall to this present day: Bring as much people to hell with him by any means necessary. Where God does not infringe upon our free will, the devil kicks the door wide open. His key is to get an inch and he is not coming for just a mile; he wants to wreck everything that is in our life inclusive of our promise of eternity in Heaven. Things may seem good for the most part as you may have been trying to live without Jesus, but sooner or later there will be a day of reckoning.

The evil in this world exists as God’s salvation for mankind is rejected and man becomes more influenced and empowered by the devil to carry out his core tasks – steal, kill and destroy. God’s mercy is for all; sinners and followers alike, thus allowing for more evil. Yet, amidst all the confusion and tyranny, people have and will continue to be brought to justice.

The real question is “Why is it that most people who ask this question perpetuate this evil by rejecting Jesus? Is it that we do not realize that each and every one of us are God’s most powerful agent of change?” God may choose from time to time to punish nations with varying kinds of catastrophic disasters. Yet, He works through people most effectively, and He multiplies the power of His Son Jesus into each us who will accept and follow after Him.

The real answer to this question starts with YOU. Are YOU going to be the Body of Christ here on earth? Or, are you going to just do the whole school-work-married-kids-die routine as society taught us?




How much control do we actually have over our lives?

Our heart beats whether we want it or not.
We need every breath to stay alive.
Our eyes blink without our control.
We have to sleep to survive.
We need to eat in order to live
We hear whether we want to or not;
Think whether we like to or not
We see even though we may not want to look.
We tire without consent.
We age each passing day.
We can’t help using the bathroom.
We can’t prevent ourselves from dreaming.

There is so much things that pertain to our lives that are not in our control. However, there are a few things that we do exercise dominion over. The freedom of choice is one of the most powerful weapons of all. By our choice we can serve God, create a god, make ourselves into our own god; you get my drift.

We may not be able to choose when or how we die, but we definitely can decide how we live. Free will, is one of the few things that doesn’t happen automatically, whether we are conscious, subconscious or unconscious. We have the will power to choose or reject Jesus Christ.

Joshua 24:15
“But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…But as for me and my household,we will serve the Lord.”

Above everything in our lives and in this world that are out of our control, God never removed from us the will power to choose to love or deny Him. I for one, love that we were never programmed to all choose Him. Thus, it is with this freedom that we live and by our freedom we are condemned.

I urge us all to make the most important choice of all, and choose to give Jesus Christ the control of your life.

Prayer for Today:
LORD JESUS, I am sorry for all the times that I didn’t choose you. I ask you yo forgive me of all my sins and unrighteousness. Come into my life Lord, and use for Your will and for Your Glory now and forevermore more, in Jesus’ Name. AMEN!!!

Self, Selfies & Selfishness

Let me get this catch light right,
My make-up’s on fleek.
Let me stand facing my right side,
It’s been the best look for all my selfies.

Click, click and then click,
I like these but lemme take some more;
So I can pick the best pic,
Filter, sharpen, soften and then store.

Double-clicks already at a thousand,
The comments are a blast.
Follow me like I’m chosen;
It’s like I get more likes for more ass.

100K followers is okay
But I wish I had more.
I’ll maybe go live today
Like I have my own reality show.

My feed, feeds into weaknesses,
The pride and the lust.
So I avoid Christ and His witnesses,
Struggling on my own is a must!

Affection to this world
Is seen as hatred toward God.
Sin makes self and the devil my lord,
I need to change this road I trod.

Every time I ponder Jesus,
I know I would have to leave this life behind.
Flesh and immoral sex my weakness,
I can’t get saved today, I need to sin one more time!

Yet, today, tomorrow, soon
Death comes one day for all.
And for my ungodliness I’ll have to atone,
Because I was too busy to answer mercy’s call.

Now, to eternal damnation I’m sent,
My life in hell just beginning.
I lived my life for myself –
Eternity in losses, for a short life of winning.

Isn’t it funny how I claimed that I loved Him,
But He didn’t see it as true?
Maybe it’s because I didn’t surrender everything;
I should have realized this truth.

Okay Lord send me back
To earth, I think I’m ready
I’ll serve You this time with all I got,
I’ll be holy, faithful and steady.

God, God, Jesus answer
My beckoning call!
This fire and torment give rise to anger
LORD please save my soul.

I know I was too busy, too busy;
Please take me from this place.
I’ll go back and warn my fans immediately,
To fight the good fight of faith.

I am sorry for not listening
To every moment someone shared the word.
I spent a life blinging and glistening,
And now this hell, is my world.

From A Player to Prayer Warrior

I remember days when feelings were to me like reality.
I took them as fact based in truth, oh such pity, such a fallacy.
Feelings would drive me to parties, friends and fame,
The sense of importance was like crack-cocaine;
Highly addicted I’d become.
It seemed all right and all fun; but man was I wrong!

Feelings later betrayed me as my decisions would then cause pain.
Popularity, yes fame, more sex and yes pain.
Not for me though, but people’s trust that I played with like chess games,
The ‘Life of the party’ was my best name;
Yet; I brought alot of ladies tears and chest pains.
I was heartless, never wanting a stressed brain,
Jesus was not my focus, never needed Him on my membrane.

Sooner than later this lifestyle took a toll,
Endless ex-es, stresses and a conscience took a hold.
I knew of God and Jesus and that my soul
Was going to hell with flying colors, because for sin i was out cold.
Bold and out sold, His Spirit would have to demolish strongholds.😦
My flesh pushed back but my spirit was hungry for something more.

The best parties and sex just wasn’t enough,
He allowed me to have it all and somehow, all I had left was disgust.
I hated who I became; a cold-hearted player breaking so much friendships apart.
Best friends became enemies; with a long trail of broken hearts.
I knew God had more in store than just this,
But any hope was strangled by my guilt and need for justice.

So I pleaded with the Lord to turn my life around,
To help me to reach people whenever they were down.
I needed to know my true purpose and begin to pursue it,
This is where I met Jesus and He gave me some new gifts.
He forgave me from all my sins and sent me on the way,
To share His love and Gospel to all who will obey.
So for all the people who are out there like me, once a stray;
I encourage you to come to Jesus and let Him show you the better way.


Freedom can defined as liberation from slavery, restraint or another power.

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice of giving Himself for our freedom from entrapment, entanglement, powerless living and a victimized lifestyle.

By His sinless life, suffering and death upon the cross paid for our eternal freedom along with dominion over all the sins that brought defeat, death and destruction.

Believe It Or Not:
⇒Belief in Jesus alone is not enough to experience salvation or freedom from the power of sin and the grave.
“You see that a person is considered righteous by what they do and not by faith alone.” James 2:24

⇒Even the devil and his demons believe in God; maybe even more than us, since they have seen Him.
“You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder.” James 2:19

⇒Belief Accompanied by Action brings not just freedom but victory over sin.
“O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?”
For sin is the sting that results in death, and the law gives sin its power. But thank God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Cor. 15:55-57)

Do You want to be Finally Be Free from sin Once & For All? If so, pray this prayer Today with all your heart and start reading your Bible.

Prayer for Today:
Dear Jesus, my Lord & Savior; I thank You for giving Your life that I would be free from sin, the grave and the devil. I confess today that I am a sinner. I repent here and now, of all my unrighteousness and ask You to come into my heart and be my Lord, Savior and Best Friend forevermore. I receive You now and thank You saving me, in Jesus’ Name! AMEN!!!🙌



Pray, Pray, Pray

The difference between me winning and losing this fight of faith, depends on my prayer life from day-to-day.

From the Sun’s rising, the Risen Son I’ll seek, asking for grace where I’m weak – bowed knees, humble pleas; Lord please keep me very meek.

I slay my flesh today, I silence my sinful nature. Yet not I that live but Christ within, I am a new creation.

I silence lust of the eyes and flesh, pride of life I render powerless; in Jesus name I put on the whole armor and the robes of His righteousness.

The garments of praise I have, with Your glory as my rear guard, thoughts brought under Your captivity, with Your presence as my reward.

I am seated with You in heavenly places as I launch into this warfare, angels armed at attention, awaiting the Word of God in their ear.

In Jesus’ Name, I bind every demonic force over my life and my family, and I rebuke every principality. Lord, let Your consuming fire destroyed every counter strategy.

Send confusion within their camps, in Jesus Name I demolish every stronghold, I loodr the bands of wickedness and cut off the devil’s foothold.

I seal every spiritual gateway and door in Jesus’ mighty name; let Your Kingdom be made manifest as I give You all the praise.

I loose Your joy, peace, power and favor upon us all; we give all the glory to You. Cover us under Your Blood as we make worship You in spirit and truth.

Every word in prayer is like God’s divine sniper aimed in.
I pray all these things, in Jesus’ Name, Our Conqueror; Amen!